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Refashionista-Inspired Post

One of my favorite blogs to follow is The Refashionista. Jillian Owens scours thrift stores and consignment shops and somehow turns the ugliest, most hopeless articles of clothing into haute-couture creations. It’s fantastic, and Jillian comes up with some inspired looks.

Recently, she has mentioned reader submissions, so I thought I’d try my hand at it.

I found this “dress” at the Nearly-New shop. This plus 3 other items cost me a whopping total of $2.


You can’t tell me this isn’t a nightshirt

When I saw this, my first thought was “Mr Darling from ‘Peter Pan.'” It was in the women’s dress section, but it is reminiscent of a nightshirt in my opinion.

I started by bleaching the hell out of it. I wanted to get rid of, or at least lighten, the blue pinstripes, but no luck. I worked with what I had. I pulled out a box of dye and got to work.

50... er, I mean, 1 shade of grey

50… er, I mean, 1 shade of grey


Next, I needed to cut this down. The sleeves and the length were all wrong.


I hemmed the bottom up.


I wanted to do button tie-ups like on a camp shirt and got the idea to use the original cuffs from the sleeves.

IMG_2237 IMG_2238

I folded and ironed the new sleeve cuffs. Then I sewed the original cuff on the inside of the sleeves.


I sewed the original cuff botton on the outside of the sleeve, buttoned it and done!


Top it off with a belt and sandals. Voila! Ready for springtime in FL!

I'm the only one I trust with my camera, so sue me

I’m the only one I trust with my camera, so sue me

I think this is going to become a major part of my spring wardrobe. I already have a few trousers and skirts I can pair it with. Very versatile look. Unfortunately, unlike Jillian, I do not have any images of me out and about in my new outfit. Maybe I’ll wear it to work tomorrow and show off my creation.


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I am about to enter my late 20s. I am a graphic designer and marketing professional. I am not a writer, but I'd like to save everyone on my Facebook feed from constant updates about my son. This is a way for my to vent and gush about motherhood as I want.

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  1. Adorable refashion! I love the sleeve cuff idea! My husband passed down all of his dress shirts to me that he “shrank” out of (he recently lost 30 lbs), and I’ve been wanting to figure out what to do with them. I’ll definitely use this idea! Thanks!
    ~Jen 🙂


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