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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Craft pause

I’m on vacation right now. Mike and I packed the car full and made a 16 hour trip to IL . I was really looking forward to this if only for some uninterrupted craft time. I made a list of dolls I want to make, not dolls that have been commissioned. Right before I left, I was pushing to finish a second wookie the chew set, and I really haven’t haven’t had any time to create for myself. I was so excited by the ideas I had ( some of which, I have had for months), but sadly, between the baby and the hectic schedule, there has not been much crocheting. In fact, I should probably be working right now (or sleeping) instead of what I am currently doing (writing a blog I know for a fact nobody reads), but I’m out of the yarn color I need.
I know. Convenient, right?