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A Change in Direction

I admit it: I’m a really horrible blogger.

I have so many friends who are religious with their blogs and I am actually really jealous of their ability. Oh, I don’t mean their writing ability, no, I don’t think I could recognize good or even mediocre blogging if I heard it. I mean their tenacity in continuing to blog. I can be tenacious  with much of my life, but blogging (or even writing in general) doesn’t seem to fall into that pile. I was far from an English major, and in fact I don’t ever remember receiving an “A” in any of my high school English classes. I have forever shrunk away from essays and term papers. I tend to write like I talk: fast and all over the place. My daily conversation is forever filled with ellipses (….).

Add to that, I am a failure when it comes to grammar and spelling. Since, this post started I have used spell check not less than a dozen times. I partially blame this on some sort of undiagnosed dyslexia or learning disability. This has led me to being very cautious of how and what I post on the internet, for fear I might be called out by the pilkunnussija (n. Finnish: A person with exceptional and unnecessary attention  to detail; literally, a comma-fucker) that roam the internet.I also blame this with my lifelong inability to discern my right and left apart. But I digress…

As I said, I’m terribly jealous of my bloggy-friends. I want that. I want something my friends and family will follow and look for cute baby pictures and updates. I want to talk about my life and interesting thoughts I’m thinking. I want to show off every damn craft project I make and then pin it to Pinterest with a tutorial on how I did it instead of just a damn photo. I want to have epic, windy, lengthy, short-story style posts. I want it all, blog-style. But you know what? Nobody has a blog like that. Every blog I see (and I’m speaking about the people that I know personally, here) picks one of those things, just one, and follows that path. They either blog about their pregnancy/baby or their family vacations or their feelings on religion or or their Etsy Shop or whatever, but they don’t do everything. One blog, one topic.

“But Sarah, can’t you just start a second blog if you want to do everything?” asked nobody, ever. In theory, yes, I could, but one does not go from playing “Mary Had a Little Lamb” on the recorder to composing Pachelbel’s Canon in D. I’m trying for baby steps. As stated earlier, I am already an awful blogger, full of spelling errors and run-on sentences. So, I’m going to make an effort to focus more.

Initially with this, I wanted to be a mom blogger (hence the title).  I wanted to post regular updates with Colt’s growth and progress and pictures of him doing endlessly adorable things. However, in the blink of an eye, he is 5 months old and I have become a very bad mommy-blogger. I know I’m not the first mommy blogger to do this. I actually think mommy-blogging is better suited for Daddy, especially when it comes to those first few months. I told Mike that, with our next child, baby book upkeep will be his responsibility. It’s not like you need to be creative, you just need to keep track of dates, milestones and photos.

(side note: as bad as I am at momblogging, I am keeping up with baby-booking. Growing up, I LOVED poring over my own baby book and I want that for Colt) 

I’m leaning on making this a more crafty/DIY Blog. I want this to be something more I can use as a Pinterest tool rather than an exercise in self-gratification although, to be fair, that is exactly what Pinterest is, no?

I guess I accomplished one thing with this entry: a long, rambly, windy, going-nowhere post.


About clichemomblog

I am about to enter my late 20s. I am a graphic designer and marketing professional. I am not a writer, but I'd like to save everyone on my Facebook feed from constant updates about my son. This is a way for my to vent and gush about motherhood as I want.

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