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We had our first trip to the ER this weekend. I’ll preemptively say that everything is fine, but here was the scenario that led to Colt & I spending 4 hours in the ER.

-Friday Night, Mike and I were going to hang out with some friends. I had already planned to pump & dump. We dropped Colt off at my co-worker’s house for babysitting around 6 pm with 3 bottles of formula & cereal.

-Around 7, I’d already had a glass of wine. Babysitter texts me a photo of Colt crashed out on the couch. I’m so happy I have one of those kids who is good with people. I’m in social situations so often, I don’t know what I would do if he were always anxious with people.

-By 8, we had moved the activities to my friend’s house to play some beer pong (my first time. It went about as well as expected). By 10:30, Mike and I were done for the night. I had had a total of 1.5 glasses of wine and roughly 1 Bud Light (beer pong beer).

-We pick Colt up around 11. Babysitter says that he slept almost the entire time. This isn’t unusual. Colt usually sleeps from about 7 pm-1 am. She did mention that he “threw up” a couple times. I didn’t think anything of this. “Throw Up” and “spit up” are pretty interchangeable for a baby, and Colt has a habit of spitting up. we head home, I pump and dump and go to bed. I notice a little bit of a cough.

-Like clockwork, Colt wakes up at 1 am. I feed him formula, try and burp him, he spits up a bit and falls asleep.

-Colt begins to fuss about 3:30 am. I try and feed him off the breast but no latching , so I assume he isn’t hungry. I give him his binky and he falls asleep.

– Colt and I wake up at 6:30 am for food. I breastfeed him, but he’s not to eager for it. I continue to try and latch him though and he feeds a little. I try and burp him and he spits everything back up. He still has  that cough, which is triggered by his burps.

– I try to get him settled but he’s not having it. I assume that maybe my milk wasn’t right yet and  maybe he’s still hungry since he spit everything up. I get a bottle of pumped milk from the day before. The same thing happens: he eats, he fidgets, he burps, he spits up, and this is more spit up than usual.

-By this point, I need help, so I wake Mike up. Once again I assume that, since he spit everything up, his hunger must be causing his restlessness since nothing else is calming him. Mike makes me a small bottle of formula, which he promptly regurgitates (it was a lot) all over me. Mike points out that that isn’t spit up, it’s throw up. Since he isn’t keeping anything down, this is the first time it has happened and we get free trips to the ER, we decide to take him.

We spent 4 hours there for a very fancy “We’re not sure what’s wrong.” The Doctor’s best guess was that the rice cereal (prescribed earlier by his pediatrician for GERD) was affecting his little belly. He advised to cut out the rice cereal for a few days, but Mike and I are going to cut it down for a few months.

I’d like to say that was the answer to the problem, but it’s not. True, cutting out the cereal has helped, but this morning Colt spit up a whole lot down the front of my shirt (Honestly, what is with babies believing that cleavage is the perfect spit-up receptacle?)

So, that was out ER trip. This was actually the perfect preamble to my next post:

“Try Everything Until Something Works.”


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