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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Let’s start at the beginning, sort of

Colt turned one month old on Friday. It’s so fucked up that I am a parent. Every day, I tend to stop and think “Holy Shit! I am responsible for a human being.” I’m still awe-struck by this fact. There’s a tiny human (a teacup human!) who is completely dependent on Mike and I. He’s tiny and can’t even hold his head up yet.

Today I went online and looked at the milestones he should be reaching at this point. Bad News: His massive cranium makes it nearly impossible for him to hold his head up while he’s on his belly. He can do it a little (which is the fist milestone) but one if Mike and I hold his torso up. I am going to say this counts. Good News: He’s already at a 3-month milestone in that he can support weight on his legs. If I hold him by his underarms, he can stand up. The kid is pretty strong

I had to fill out his paperwork for daycare . With the amount of stuff I had to sign, you’d think I was taking out a second mortgage on the house. A good portion of the paperwork is a series of questions designed to tell the caregivers about your baby’s personality/likes/dislikes/etc. They ask questions like “How does your baby like to be woken up?” and “What does your baby like to do during the day?” While these are great questions to determine the personality of a one-year-old or a toddler, it’s really hard to describe the personality of a one-month-old. I’m not saying that Colt doesn’t have any personality. On the contrary, it’s very clear right now he is energetic, stubborn and manipulative. I I gave faith to astrology I would say he is a true Capricorn.

However, I have no idea how he likes to be woken up. At this age he hates being woken up. I know he’s woken up when he starts fussing and making sounds. The only thing that I found that entertains him during the day is staring at the damn ceiling fan. I’m not knocking the form or its purpose, but I’m at a loss with some of these questions (“When does your baby eat?” When he damn well wants to! Trust me, he will make you well aware.)

We’ve finally reached that point where I can read his cues and can pretty much determine what he wants, although to be fair what he wants usually falls into one of three categories: diaper, food, cuddling.

The cuddling part is the most time-intensive. This child doesn’t sit still. Even on the rare, short-lived occasions when I can get him down in his crib and he’s awake, he’s constantly moving and stretching. More often, he only wants to be held and cuddled. During the day this isn’t so bad. I can deal with one arm being monopolized and even can manage a few chores. The best baby item I invested was a Moby Wrap.

I’m actually thinking of getting a second one to keep in my car for “just in case” scenarios like the party I was at yesterday. It actually allows me to keep my hands free and do stuff like laundry and make coffee.

In non-baby related stuff, I had my first run today since mid-October (full disclosure, first work-out in 4 weeks). I have the River Run 15K in 7 weeks and I am completely not ready for this. I didn’t put on a lot of weight during my pregnancy and I lost all of and then some, but my cardio strength is nil. I did four miles today and it was tough. It’s going to take a lot of determination (which I am unsure of) and a lot of time (which I do not have) to complete a training regimen I would have scoffed at 4 years ago. I don’t know how I’ll be able to handle the last bridge of the run.

That is a very steep half mile.